Client Services

Retained Executive Search - A process designed to confidentially target, identify and source top performing individuals working within a client direct competitors and other relevant businesses.

Contingency Recruitment - A ‘no placement no fee’ arrangement where there is limited urgency on a project.

We will evaluate your recruitment project and prescribe the most suitable method based on our knowledge of the market


                               CEO/Managing Director/General Manager - COO/Operations - Commercial/Sales & Marketing                                         Technical/HSSE - CFO/Finance - Supply Chain/Logistics - I.T – Human Resources
                                                                         Salary range sourced - £50,000 - £500,000

Other Services

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) – Suited to a ‘War For Talent’ environment where labour costs are rising and retention is an issue. Where you have multiple needs and a retention issue, we develop an assessment process to analyse the cost of your recruitment and retention issues. A solution is created to assist your hiring process, improve your retention of skilled individuals and reduce your costs.

Market Mapping – A service to ‘Map’ candidates in your competition and or in the market. This provides valuable information on current salaries, candidate competencies etc and develops a list of high performing individuals who can then be targeted for positions that come up. These speeds up any future recruitment project and the costs incurred for this work will be removed from future placement fees of individuals from this list.

Outsourcing – We can provide additional Human Resources support or can develop a team to manage this service completely allowing you to focus on your core business processes.

Agency Management – We develop service level agreements with your chosen partners and manage them on your behalf. The aim is to reduce the number of suppliers; historically this has reduced fee costs and improved the quality of service received.

Why Impact People Strategies?

‘Pure’ Industry specialisation – Unlike our competitors, we focus on your market and have done so for 10 years, this means we understand and know your competition! We have industry and continent specific consultants with local language skills to deliver your projects successfully.

“Flexible recruitment” – whatever challenges you have faced with other recruiters in the past, we can develop a solution that alleviates these issues and provides you with a solution that works for you not our solution that you have to fit within.

No Shortlist Fees - Impact People Strategies believe that shortlist fees are unnecessary. We only invoice our clients a retained fee to cover the cost of the work and no further costs are applicable until you hire a candidate. We are confident in our ability to deliver therefore see no reason to charge this usual standard cost. With this policy our success is proven: 'We are in business because we deliver'.

Enhancing your Brand - Candidate Briefing Packs - We develop comprehensive Candidate Briefing Packs allowing potential hires to build a clear picture of your business before interview. This saves the hiring manager time at interview, allowing them to focus on the individual's competencies. This is an introduction to your company's products, services and culture and includes job descriptions, location maps, current news stories, etc. Your business is represented professionally and all interviewing candidates will be well briefed on the company before you meet them.